• Improve sizing accuracy

    3D body scans provide more accurate sizing information than traditional sizing methods. This allows for better fitting clothing and improved customer satisfaction.

  • Reduce buying uncertainty

    3D body scans reduce shopping uncertainty and improve customers' shopping experience.

  • Enhance customization

    With 3D body scans, retailers can offer personalized clothing recommendations and customized fits that are tailored to a customer’s exact measurements.

  • Reduce returns

    By providing accurate sizing information, 3D body scans help reduce the number of returns due to incorrect sizing. This helps to reduce costs for the online retailer.

  • Improve product development

    3D body scans provide detailed insights into customers' body shape and size, allowing brands to develop more accurate products that better fit their target group.

  • Increase data accuracy

    Using first-hand data from the customer's individual body scan, three-dimensional circumferences and lengths are measured and compared with manufacturer size charts to guarantee accuracy.

  • Reduce fabric waste

    3D body scans provide accurate sizing, helping to reduce wasting of resources as garments are made to fit the real sizes of the brands' target groups.

  • Increased sustainability

    3D body scans enable manufacturers to better meet the goals of COP25, which aim to increase sustainability in the clothing manufacturing industry.

  • Reduce emissions

    By providing accurate size recommendations, 3D body scans help reduce the waste of resources and CO₂ emissions. This contributes to greater sustainability and reduces the industry's environmental impact.

BEAWEAR offers an add-on for existing online shops that can be integrated with just a few lines of code.

On the product detail page of the shop, an additional button appears, which can be called "Find my size", for example, and is located right next to the size selection. The solution is a white label, i.e. it seamlessly adapts to the design of the shop.

Another key aspect of the technology is ease of use, as there is no need to download an app.

  1. The user enters basic information such as size and gender.

  2. A short video is recorded with their device (tablet, mobile, or computer).

  3. Finally, he sees a size recommendation for the desired item.

Our quick and easy to integrate plug-and-play API interface for size recommendation or virtual fitting can be integrated into any merchandise or store system.

With BEAWEAR, brands evolutionize their fitting process to determine the right clothing size of their customers, based on shop- or brand-specific size tables.

Our recommendations based on real body data allow producers to adjust their sewing patterns and size charts according to their customers bodies. 

  • Produce better fitting clothes
  • Less time to market
  • Production on demand
  • Minimize overproduction

Consumers quickly and easily scan exact body measurements to determine the right clothing size in connected online shops.

They create a so-called digital twin. Anyone can scan their body directly and quickly from any product page with their smartphone, tablet or laptop and then receive their personal, exact size recommendation. 

They own their data and can use their avatar for virtual try-ons on all connected platforms while simultaneously enjoying a gamified and VR-enhanced “phygital” shopping experience.

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