Prevent returns

Enable your customers to find the right size and virtually try-on clothes, anytime, from anywhere, on any device.

25% Poor fit

25% of online clothing purchases are returned due to poor fit. 36% of shoppers are more likely to return an item that doesn't fit right than if it was the wrong color or style.

54% First try-in store

54% of shoppers would try on clothing in-store before purchasing online to ensure a proper fit.

  • High returns

    78% of customers reported that they have returned an item of clothing bought online due to poor fit.

    Additionally, 72% of customers said that they would not buy clothing online again if they had a bad experience with fit.

  • Low conversion rate

    The average conversion rate for e-shops is 1.5%. This means that for every 1000 visitors to an e-shop, only 15 of them actually buy something.

    Additionally, 64% of shoppers abandon their shopping cart before completing their purchase.

  • Losing Customers

    96% of all online shop visitors do not buy anything - 24% of them because of size uncertainty.

New market challenges

Increased competition

With the growth of E-commerce, more and more online stores are entering the market, making it more competitive. E-commerce providers need to differentiate themselves more.

Adapting to new technologies

Staying up to date with the latest technologies is essential to staying competitive in the E-commerce market.

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