Think ahead with BEAWEAR

User customer data is aggregated on the BEAWEAR platform, so E-commerce providers gain better insights into their target audience beyond basic demographic information anf make more informed business decisions.

66% Workwear too large

66% of workers report that their workwear is too large.

34% Workwear too small

34% of workers report that their workwear is too small.

54% Uncomfortable

54% of workers say that their workwear is uncomfortable and does not fit properly.

  • Safety Issues

    Poorly fitting workwear can lead to safety issues, and can hinder the performance of workers.

  • Low productivity

    Poorly fitting workwear can restrict movement, which can lead to reduced productivity and a less enjoyable work environment and low morale.

  • Health risks

    Accident prevention: Ill-fitting workwear can lead to issues like chafing and skin irritation, posing health risks. Minimizing tension caused by movement through poorly fitting clothing can result in quicker fatigue and increased risk of accidents.

  • Increasing demand for customisation

    Companies are increasingly expecting customized workwear that fits the specific needs of their industry and their workers.

  • Meeting customer budgets

    Manufacturers must keep their prices competitive while still providing quality workwear.

  • Increasing safety regulations

    Manufacturers must stay up to date with continuously increasing and more complex safety regulations to ensure their workwear meets the necessary standards.

  • Reduce costs for collecting sizes

    With the BEAWEAR solution, manufacturers do not need to manually collect the sizes of the people wearing their clothes, which results in essential savings in personnel resources and costs.

  • Increase fitting comfort

    With BEAWEAR, movement and wear simulations can be performed, so that sewing patterns can be adjusted for better fit and comfort.

  • Avoid complaints and returns

    The BEAWEAR size recommendation determines the optimal sizes for the individual wearers, so that poor fitting is avoided.