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Hello world, and welcome to our blog! We're so glad to have you. 

Who Are We? 

BEAWEAR was founded by Verena Ziegler. We offer a pioneering B2B SaaS fashion tech solution for apparel brands, dedicated to changing the way clothing is sold. Our mission is to make the fashion industry more sustainable and customer-friendly. 


Sustainable Fashion 

The fashion industry has a significant impact on the environment, particularly due to the high return rates in online retail. In 2020 alone, around 315 million packages were returned in Germany, the majority of which were clothing. With our technology, we aim to drastically reduce return rates, thereby reducing CO2 emissions. 


Individuality Instead of Mass Production 

We believe that fashion should support the individuality of each person. That’s why we have developed our 3D body scan technology that captures precise body measurements. This allows shop owners to sell clothing that fits perfectly and reflects the personality of their customers. 


Customer Satisfaction 

Nothing is more frustrating than clothing that doesn’t fit. Our mission is to support fashion companies in providing their customers with a pleasant and satisfying shopping experience. With our 3D body scan, customers can create a digital twin that helps them find the right size in all participating online shops. 


Looking to the Future 

We are convinced that our technology can revolutionize the fashion world. Our goal is to represent the diversity of body shapes and offer fashion that adapts to the individual body – not the other way around. With BEAWEAR, you not only support the creation of clothing that fits perfectly but also contribute to the protection of our planet. 


Our Technology 

BEAWEAR is a fit tool that seamlessly integrates into the existing systems of apparel brands and webshops. Our API plug-and-play solution allows customers to capture their body measurements via a 3D scan from any device.  

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Contact us directly for a demo to learn more about our fit tool. In an initial conversation, we will discuss how BEAWEAR can revolutionize your webshop as well. 

See you soon.



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