Shop with your digital twin in mixed reality

Integriere die 3D-Körperscan-Lösung von BEAWEAR einfach in deinen Onlineshop – für weniger Retouren, zufriedenere Kunden und mehr Nachhaltigkeit. 

Easily create a 3D body scan to shop with your digital twin

BEAWEAR is an API solution for transforming the fashion industry through digitalization. We use gamification and digital twins to empower the next generation of conscious consumers.

We solve fashion’s data problem by matching consumers with items of clothing they’ll love. Our mission is to create a fashion supply chain that uses data and AI to break the cycle of overproduction and to provide a magical shopping experience that empowers consumers with their own body data.

Virtual try-ons & precise size recom­men­dat­ions

Easily create your digital twin at home using the camera on any smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Your digital twin data belongs to you – use it to go shopping in participating retailer’s online shops, where you’ll be shown only items that fit your body and personal style. Available via desktop, iOS, and Android.

Our plug-and-play solution

Retailers can take advantage of our size recommendation tool by installing our plug-and-play API solution into their existing e-commerce sites. This enables shoppers to access our body scanning features seamlessly from any device.

From there, our algorithms recommend items based on body shape, not size, so customers can shop with confidence.

About us

BEAWEAR is a pioneering B2B SAAS fashion-tech solution for apparel brands. We use data and digital connectivity to eliminate the problem of incorrect fit and drastically reduce online returns, costs, and waste.

We are a collective of queer-minded technologists, designers, marketers, and strategic thinkers united in our vision to create the most phygital and magical shopping experience that challenges the current model of mass production, standardized sizing, and body exclusion.