Virtual Try-on

Enjoy an interactive try-on experience!

Create your digital twin with BEAWEAR and use it to try on clothes virtually. See how the clothes would fit YOUR individual figure and take the guessing game out of your online shopping experience. 

BEAWEAR’s virtual try-on solution allows you to avoid the hassle of ordering several sizes, hoping that one fits and having to run back and forth to the post office to return the items that don’t. 

With our 3D body scan you can become the model and see clothes on your own body. 

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Today’s e-ommerce experiences lack invention. Size charts are a century-old solution to a modern problem and result in poor user experience by forcing shoppers to do all the work.

We believe shopping online should be fun and transformative without waste and uncertainty.

Sizing uncertainty is the number one source of checkout friction for today’s online shoppers, and a rash of returns can torpedo even the healthiest looking sales numbers.

We create custom experiences for your brand. Shoppers are starting to look for more personal shopping experience while shopping online, and virtual try-on is the solution. BEAWEAR helps retailers create a personalized customer experience by allowing shoppers to see themselves in any item of clothing, instantly and realistically.

Want to offer your customers easy size matchmaking and enhance their shopping experience? – Check out our business solutions to integrate BEAWEAR into your shop or system!