Turn size recom­men­dation into a conversion driver for your e-commerce

With our easy plug-and-play API solutions.

BEAWEAR fashion

Our fashion solutions are intended for fashion brands, producers and retailers.


Our workwear solutions are intended for all workwear suppliers.

Our actions over the next decade will determine the course of humanity for generations to come. Entrepreneurs building scalable solutions will be at the core of creating the solutions that will make that future a bright one.

BEAWEAR is a pioneering B2B SAAS fashion-tech solution to help apparel brands eliminate the problem of incorrect fit and to drastically reduce online returns, costs, and waste.

We do this by providing retailers with an easy API plug-and-play solution that enables shoppers to capture their body measurements via a 3D scan from any device.

Using this data, we’re able to accurately recommend confection size as well as cross-sell based on the individual customer’s morphotype.

Customers can use their digital twin (3D scan) to shop on participating retailers’ online shops to get matched only with clothes that fit them.

In addition, shoppers can enter the BEAWEAR marketplace and use their digital twin to get matched with only clothes that fit them from a variety of connected online shops. Shoppers can then filter items based on their personal values, as well as create their own style profile and their own shop window for selling items second-hand.

In one click fitting items get matched using the same AI technology for matching bodies measurements from relevant second-hand sellers.


Reduce return quotes

Apparel commerce channels experience a return rate between 25-50%. With accurate size prediction, you can reduce returns. Try out our calculator to estimate your savings by using our Size Recommendation.

Increase customer confidence

94% of consumers rate sizing as the #1 key barrier to purchasing online. Take the guesswork out of ordering online and enable your customer to shop with confidence.

Cross-sell like never before

Cross-sell based on your customer’s body shape. Recognize the opportunity and successfully use BEAWEAR, resulting in higher user engagement, higher sales conversion, and better buying decisions.

Make more informed business decisions

Your customer data is aggregated on our platform, so you can gain better insight into your target audience beyond basic demographic information.